A year of ‘no’ to a year of ‘yes’

I have been loving listening to Shonda Rhimes’ book, ‘A Year of Yes’.  It is the story of her journey from being asleep to become alive, and beautiful and knowing that she is fully on her path to fulfilment.  Her version of fulfilment.  How she has shrugged off others’ opinion of wholeness and fairy tales and created her own.


Her year of saying ‘yes’ to things she once said ‘no’ transformed her life.


I am approaching the end of the book and she is dancing it out in a photo shoot on top of an apple box mountain where she says she can feel the sun on her face, the sun that she created.


Her year.


My year.


I have been ‘dancing it out’ a lot recently.   On the top of my mountain, that happens to be in my kitchen.  A year ago, I bought 3 flags from a market in Cape Town and hung them in places I would see them frequently.  One of them said ‘My Kitchen is for Dancing’ and it is now hung in our new kitchen.  And this is where I dance it out.  This is where I feel the sun of the world that I have created on my face.


It has been my year of following the words of the other 2 flags, ‘Follow your heart’ and believing that ‘amazing things are going to happen’.  I said yes to the flags.  Anything that didn’t fit the flags, didn’t fit in my life.  Anything or anyone that didn’t make me feel like dancing, that I wasn’t following my heart or wasn’t going to lead to anything amazing I said ‘no’ to.


My year of ‘no’ transformed my life so that I now say ‘yes’ to life again.  And i am dancing on my mountain top, with my face to the sun.



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