My body is a temple

Alcohol is not my friend.

Alcohol is my arch enemy, my nemesis.

I do not need much, in fact very little needs to pass my lips and I feel the effects almost immediately.

And I do not need much, only a few glasses and the consequences are colossal. My day ruined. My body Ruined. My health ruined.

Since mid January, i have been focussed on putting everything I am learning from my health coaching into practice. My body a temple. A healthy balance of 80/20 or perhaps even 90/10, feeling guilt free, learning to love my body and my body image. Thanks to Mel Wells I am treating my body and soul like the goddess it is, revering it and treating it well.

So a complete overload of toxins, my 10-20% all in the space of an intense 8 hours and very little sleep, and my temple had something to say! Most of it screamed down the big white telephone….

But hey. A waste of a day. But sometimes i need a big blow out to remind myself why I treat my body like a goddess, a temple.

Tomorrow is another day, first steps to recovery, first steps to health – water to flush away the toxins and restful sleep. Then self care mentally and nurturing externally … until then I will embrace the mess!

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