The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East has been creating a whirlwind of crazy outside, while there has been a whirlwind of crazy inside.


Today, I have been car less, hot water less and heating less and therefore shower less.


Through my front door today, I have had a decorator, an emergency plumber, a couple of interior designers, a MacMillan sub-committee, a car delivery man, 2 small boys and the parent who kindly brought them home.


Add to that I have worn my many ‘joy’ hats;  breakfast maker, missing glove and coat finder, Mum and parent in a school meeting, health coach, coffee and tea maker, charity volunteer, IT geek, home owner / developer / designer, washer woman, student, Mrs Mop, pot washer, chef, friend on the end of a phone and supper time confidante.


All day, I wore my running kit, but never go to go out, thanks to ‘Emma’ blowing hot and cold, sunny and blizzarding.


And now I sit here, with my car safely back to battle the snow piles tomorrow, clean and washed from a hot water shower, with a full belly and a fire blazing and thinking how lucky I am at having had such a wonderful, full day doing all the things I love!



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