I did a lot of writing today.

I did a lot of listening today.

I did a lot of watching today.


I wrote about the mind.

I listened to a ‘year of yes’.

I watched a lot of ‘Shondaland’.


I wrote about how I mastered my mind and transformed my world and the trajectory of my life.

I listened to how Shonda Rhimes said ‘yes’, reinvigorated her creativity and found her tribe of happy whole people, by being a happy whole person,

I watched Greys and cried at the death of a young son. As I ironed a dozen shirts, I was gripped by ‘how to get away with murder’.


I cooked, I tidied, I washed, I worked, worked out, meditated, measured sofas, arranged flowers, played taxi-man, nurse and Mummy.  Today, I lived the dream.


PS.  I can’t believe I jinxed spring by wearing my new trainers and showing off bare flesh yesterday.





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