As I opened the front door this morning, my senses were bombarded with Spring!


There was birdsong!  To me, that is the sound of joy!  It is the warning bell of nature, sharing the news that the season is about to change.


There was light and warmth!  To me, that is the feeling of relief.  It is the lifting of the spirits that only natural light can bring and the promise of the change of the hour awaits.


There are daffodil stems!  To me, that is the visual of change.  All around I can see the signs of growth, renewal and transformation.  The snowdrops joined by crocus and now the trumpets are warming up to the crescendo of the new dawn.


With the obvious senses aroused, as I walked over the threshold I could smell and taste the freshness of the air; a crispness overpowering the damp and mildew of the winter that is creeping away for another year.


Nature shows us in the Autumn how to let go in a spectacular and beautiful fashion and in Spring, the lesson is of renewal after loss, light after dark, growth after death.  Nature shows us transformation is the way to live, to stay alive and how to do so with elegance, patience and splendour.



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