The bounce back!

I am sat, overthinking what I want to write.  When all I really want to say, is that I had a really lovely day. And given the upset of the last few days, I am so pleased and so happy and so grateful for that.


This bounce back, from the darkest of days I have had in a long time, I put down to hard work.  Hard work in putting myself first and understanding my value, my future and how I want it all to play out.  And that isn’t to say I haven’t honoured my other responsibilities along the way.  I just made time for me, understanding me, myself and I.


So was the Universe just giving me a little test to see how strong I have become?




I have created a life of my own designing.  Metaphorically, my handbag was turned upside down, given a shake and everything fell out.  I have only put back in what was worthy of being put back in, adding to it new items that fit the bill.


I loved my day working, feeling fulfilled, spending time with my boys, feeling relaxed and guilt free when doing either, not feeling like I should be doing the other.  And now, after a debrief, a download over tasty noodles, I am curled up on a broken old sofa, watching crap tv, feeling loved and appreciated with my Big Man.



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