Dipping back in to the past

There have been so many lovely things about today.  Now that my mind is clear again, free from torment having stalled the free-fall…

As I sit savouring salted caramel ice cream with raspberries in front of the roaring fire, I am no longer in the ocean, or even at basecamp.  But back up there, on the top.  That was one hell of a dive down.  And after catching my breathe, with the help of my sis dragging me out, holding me up, I could sprint back up that mountain to my boys.

Our future awaits, but dips back in to the past can be enlightening and useful.

Just as we have done this evening.  Armed with rediscovered original plans and maps of the house and diaries of previous owners, we can see someone else’s dreams of a beautiful house on wafer thin parchment and wrapped in protective cloth.  Fascinating to see an additional front door, different corridors and how the cellar was used for corn and cows!  Floor plans of scullery, parlour and privy and the designs of the beautiful, noteworthy and listed overhanging roof.

The past teaches us so much.  Of what we want to do in the future .. and what we don’t want to repeat.  What worked and what didn’t.  What is flexible, what is current and what no longer has a use.

And just like we frame the photos of happy times, I will be framing these too.

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