the joy list revisited…

I wish I could find it, but I can’t.  The original blog post I did about the ‘joy list’ which I wrote after reading or hearing a quote that has always stayed with me –  ‘do what brings you joy, so you can bring joy to others.’


I look at that quote daily along with my joy list.  And I have done since the day I stuck them on the mirror of our old house, and every day since moving to our new home.  I look back now and realise that it is no coincidence that I have redesigned my life so that each day I do a collection, if not all of the items on my list.


My current favourite is ‘cooking for fun’. I am loving experimenting in the kitchen and sharing those experiences with whoever is looking, watching or stumbling across them.  I am loving how my experiment to eat meat free once a week is incredibly rewarding and surprisingly tasty and filling.  Even for the ‘I love meat’ Big Man.  And I have even converted him to enjoy fish after more than 30 years of not eating it due to a bad recollection of getting a bone stuck in his throat in childhood.


My aim is to find quick, simple, tasty, healthy food for all the family to eat.  My aim is to ensure we all love the food that is fuelling our body and not feeling we miss out on foods that had us addicted due to their sugar and salt content.  My aim is to ensure that we love food, guilt free whatever it is – no bad or good labels.


I read back to where I was a year ago, finishing my 10 day sugar detox, painfully thin, emotionally and physically exhausted, confused as to the future.  And here I am today, happy and healthy and ready for Valentine’s day tomorrow to spread joy and love to everyone.







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