Happiness and a million dreams..

Happiness.  The magic formula for happiness is different for everyone.  I am learning that it is such a personal thing; what makes it, what sustains it, what makes it grow.


I have learnt that happiness is something you find within yourself, in the times of light but also in the darker ones.

I have learnt that by giving, by contributing and making others happy, magnifies your own happiness.

I have also learnt that what you think might make you happy, actually isn’t.

I have learnt that the simplest of things are often the biggest sources of happiness.

I have also learnt, this time last year, that Happiness comes in the form of the most beautiful woman.

I have learnt that you may think that all happiness is lost. But I have also learnt that that is not the case.  That you can heal yourself back to happiness.


The noblest art is that of making people happy.”  The words of PT Barnum blazoned across the big screen this evening, I took as a huge sign, that I am on the right path.  My coaching practice “Heal yourself Happy” will be my vehicle to show others how they can do the same.


The whole, brilliant film was also another message from the Universe.  The ambitious man with a dream, a young innocent love and a couple with ‘a million dreams’ for the world they were going to create.  An exotic European distraction was also not lost on me and the devastation of his castle, his world crashing down in a wall of flames.  But out of the ashes, a wiser, more authentic, grateful, genuine man who learnt the hard way exactly who and what makes him happy and with a steely determination to recreate and rebuild a far more beautiful and happier world, not only for him, but more for all those around him.


The magic formula for me, happiness is singing loudly, dancing in the kitchen with my family…. And the face that ‘A million dreams are keeping me awake’, all happy ones, all about happiness for me and all the people I know I am going to help.  No longer the sad dreams and nightmares of the past.


The noblest art is that of making others happy




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