Some things went well today and some things didn’t.


A redirection to a new spin class, went well!  It was good to get back in the saddle.


Stepping out of my comfort zone and asking for help for my new coaching practice on social media, also went well! I am looking forward to putting my experience of coaching and health to good use…  It makes my tummy squirm with butterflies, in a good way.


This week’s coursework and test, went really well.  Full marks.


My intention to write the next chapter of my book, did not go well.  In fact, didn’t start.   Even though, I had set time aside to ‘make the donuts’ (writer Dani Shapiro’s way of getting herself to write when she didn’t feel inspired to).


My intention to write the next blog for my health and coaching website, also did not materialise.  I floundered between two topics, worrying that it wouldn’t be engaging or useful enough.  I just need to write it.  Get the words out of my head.


I sit here frustrated, just a little, that I didn’t spend the time that I had set aside this afternoon for this intention.  I love writing.  I have so much in my head, so many topics, phrases, ideas and it is such a release to let it all out and let it go forth out there.  And find whomever it needs to find.


The frustration, I am letting slip away.  For during the time I had set aside, I made good progress in so many other intentions for 2018.  So there is going to be a little dance of priorities going on.  Just because it didn’t get done today, doesn’t mean it won’t when the time is right.  And the frustration is only because of the expectation, I put on myself.  The good stuff got done.


I have also learnt that my boys pick up on my frustration and tension.  So, I had to let it go.  My biggest intention for this year is to be present with them, when they are at home in the evenings after school.  No phones, no work, no social media. Just me and them.  Connecting.  It is amazing how much more calm everyone is.


And so, I will congratulate myself.  With a little chocolate and a little wine… and some of my favourite tv show – Delicious!


be proud

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