The bath… at the end of the best day

That bath I have been dreaming of for weeks, perhaps months now?  Me, the girl, who isn’t really into baths… or thought she wasn’t.  I just had one.  For 5 long, glorious minutes, before I overheated and started to shrivel…

And that was just after the best massage I have ever had.  In my entire life.  All my worries and lists melted in to the warm air around me and floated away.   To be greeted on awakening, with a delightfully, delicious Seedlip, lime and elderflower and smoked salmon mouthful on soda bread.

And that was just after I had been playing chase around the marble kitchen island, with my goddaughter; she on a little red ladybug and me on a little pink rabbit with my knees around my ears and her hair floating behind her dancing on her peals of laughter and shouts of my name…

And that was just after the most time forgotten day, being creative with design, feathers, furs and ribbons… irons, pins and glue guns… drinking honeyed fennel tea and eating biscuits and cake.  The chaotic hour of cooking a meal to be left and ensuring all spare items of school clothing and gym kit were left in the obvious and rightful places, all a distant memory as we stitched and created our masterpieces.

Today, was a day I will remember for a very long time, going down in my own personal history bank of good days, the best of days (outside of Super Sundays and precious family moments), spending real quality time, connecting with my closest northern girlfriends… and also myself.

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