Running towards wonder…

So my trainers came off their hanging peg today.  It was too pretty not too.  I had been hung up on going on my usual circuit, which was either an ice skating rink or an ankle breaking threatening frozen lumpy stretch.

Inspired by the Big Man, as he came in through the front door as I sloped down the stairs in my duvet, I changed tack.

And like the beautiful stream I stumbled across, meandering through a frosty woodland, it reminded me to go with the flow… twist and turn, change direction, bubble and bounce over obstacles in your path with a gurgle.  Eventually I found my way home, having turned this way and that, finding a brilliant new route;  interesting and a little longer than usual.

A run to stretch myself and remind me to get out of my own comfort zone, get out of my own way, go for the adventure and realise that it was worth getting over any fear, any dread, and just enjoy.  Go and find those moments of wonder that Arianna Huffington has as a pillar for wellbeing.  And live in those moments.   String those moments together to have a beautiful life worth living.

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