Today, I stood looking at a throne and orb that are apparently mine, but I don’t believe I am worthy of. I learnt that the huge black pearl at the heart of the orb represents a huge flaw in my thinking. Is it time to take my rightful place?
Today, my shoulders ached and the muscles twitched restlessly. Are they my angel’s wings, poised and ready, strong and willing to take this flight away from the stress of the past?

Today, I toyed with the colourful elastic bands of my childhood, a reminder that I need to expand my imagination and explore colourful, bright new ways of thinking.

Today, I unrolled the maps of the future, the bald-headed eagle showing me a vision: travelling to tall buildings, cities on a global scale. New York at the centre, a fast paced, Big Apple kind of healthy lifestyle. My current goals and new intentions matching that dream.

Today, I booked a precarious flight in an old sea plane – will the landing be smooth or bumpy? I don’t know, but the view and the journey, I anticipate, will be beautiful, lush and green and free showing everyone I have taken life to a whole new level!

Today, I stared into the eyes of an old croc, a lover of sea and land.   I looked into my subconscious and conscious, my equally balanced creative and analytic brain, my emotional self and my rational self, the mother in me and the over achiever.  My new found freedom, inner power and hidden strength had her turn away and slither back in to her watery home.

Today, finally, I took a luxurious bath (clearly metaphorical – the baths in PH are far from luxurious) and rid myself of the old ideas, the old stories that have been holding me back.  I feel clean, fresh, full of forgiveness, hope and excitement for the future and ready to let go of the past.

Today. Today, was reiki day; a day when I tapped in to my subconscious; a day I feel empowered and centred.

SToday, I am confident, was the first day of the new chapter.

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