I am ready…

‘Twas the night before school…. And not a creature was stirring.


Well.  Not really.  It’s kind of noisy, a bit like bedlam. I am definitely ready for the return to school and the subsequent peace and quiet in the house, when I can abandon my ringmaster’s costume and referee’s whistle.  I wonder if it is just boys.  Or brothers.  Or whether it is just as constant with a boy and a girl; or two girls even?


Everything is a competition; turns to an argument and then a fight.  The first to get to the car, the table, the best seat.  “he chose last time!”  “he always sits there!” “he hit me!” “he punched me first!”


Yes.  I am ready.


And right now, I am going to calm down the situation with a polite request to get in to PJ’s and come and cuddle me on the sofa and watch a documentary.  We are quite enjoying the good back catalogue of David A.  Perhaps not ‘The Hunt’ tonight.  Survival of the fittest means one of them could die.


And I am not ready for that.


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