A love note

Yesterday, I got a love note.

I wouldn’t have known what it was, if I hadn’t been listening to Jen Sincero.

Brilliant ideas are love notes from the Universe that say:  this is for you.  I think you’re hot.  And capable.  Go share your stunning youness with the world.”

If I hadn’t have just heard that, I wouldn’t have known, as I was singing at the top of my lungs to ‘Mr Brightside’ on my way to school, that that is what it was.  A little voice that just said, “Why don’t you… You could do it, you know!”  I would have dismissed the thought and the idea as something way too scary to do, a pointless exercise, leading to aa culmination of embarrassment and energy wasted.

So today, I let fear be my guide and focussed on the little steps.  I asked myself, ‘If I were to respond to this love note, what would I do now?  … and then what would I do next… if I were to do this?

I ended up thoroughly enjoying an afternoon of flurried activity; spider thought charts, idea lists, contact lists, proposal drafting.

Like a wheel stuck in the mud, when someone is held by the chains of fear, the hardest part is to get momentum to get moving; backwards or forwards…  and sometimes you need the backwards part to get a bigger swing to go further in the right and opposite direction. Any movement, that first movement expends the most energy, but energy breeds more energy….

And I am energised!  I don’t even care if this is a backward move… I know it will end up going forwards, eventually.

Sometimes, all you need is a little love note.  From the Universe… or just from anyone to say those words – “I think you’re hot….Go share your stunning youness with the world.”

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