A testimonial

Today was just a day.  Just a day being a Mum on a school holiday, trying to get the boring chores as well as the less mundane Christmas / Birthday boy ones done while entertaining and feeding children.


The highlight of the day and the week so far was a visit from a good friend, bringing with her, her boys and her soup and her brownies.  And a testimonial…..  A testimonial that left me without any doubt that I am on the right path with Health Coaching, Coaching and writing my book(s).



I had met so many recruitment agents and I always came away feeling downhearted and that they were missing something. So – I made a time to meet Ali, who made me feel totally at ease and asked me to think about my whole life and visualise what I wanted and most importantly, how would I feel after a perfect day.  Suddenly I had a list of value and priorities which have allowed me to dismiss roles, social events and say yes to things which take me in the direction I want to go.  She was challenging, pacey and I felt really energised. 

Ali is particularly strong at advising working women. She has done the corporate job, juggled a family, build a home, and found hobbies which tap into her creative and artistic side.  99% of working women I know want to balance all these – Ali is great at unlocking your personal formula – she is truly holistic in her approach.



on the right track


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