Dead wood

The transformation is slowly taking shape.  One step at a time;  one room at a time.  The front room that was damaged by a car driving into the bay window is being slowly returned from an Italian / Grecian ornate to a classic Georgian one.

Just the smallest of touches can have such a huge effect.

The removal of the hand painted goddesses and the faux pillars above the mantelpiece that drew the eye into the centre of the room has transformed the room back to a majestic, abundantly wide room.

The newly painted white ceiling lifting the height of the room only adds to the impressive statistics.

But it was the winter midday sun that showed me that while internal changes can have dramatic effect, it is often the unknown external ones that can reveal the biggest change.  The trees that used to line the courtyard are now gone, unveiling the most incredible light pouring through the new bay window.

That is the biggest transformation.

And the parallels of the house continue; no matter how hard I was working on changing myself, my attitude, my growth, no amount of internal change was going to allow the sun to shine in to our relationship until the external work was done and the environment in which it was to flourish modified.  I think that bears remembering – true transformation is both an inside and an outside job.

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