Chapters of transformation

We are surrounded by the visual and smell of fresh paint!  Sitting on dust sheets and smiling as we do the final bits of Christmas shopping.


Having just done one room, I can start to see and visualise the end game.  This beautiful old house being returned to its original splendour, with a fresh, modern touch.


Calm and confident.


Simple and elegant.


Stripped back of all the loud embellishments following patience and hard work.


The parallels continue – the story of our house and how we make it a new home, a central part of our healing process and the foundations of our future together.


The colours also give a nod to our personal stories;  his front room and lounge in soft, humble tones of grey, while my library is in bold and strong blue.


The transition and the transformation phases are interesting chapters.  I look forward to the next ones with a mixed sense of overwhelming excitement!


colour quote


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