Festive fun

When you have been in a sad and lonely place just as I found when I was on my rocky sea bed watching the waves overhead, the only thing that can keep you sane, the only thing that can give you hope is a vision of a happy future. At times it may only be a glimmer and an unbelievable one at that. But just that little spark of a dream of a brighter future can keep you breathing, no matter how far under water you are.

My glimmer was a feeling from deep within me that happier times weren’t over and that there were plenty of jolly times ahead. A vision of a peaceful me. A thought of a loved, held me in the arms of someone keeping me safe. A dream of a happy family laughing together.

And the hope that one day we would be in a home that would be full to the brim with good friends and family.

The vision, the thought, the dream and the hope are now all a reality as today we filled the house with festive fun!

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