Fortune Cookies

Saturday before Christmas and it is Chinese takeaway and Strictly finals. I wonder how many families are doing the same?


Or maybe they aren’t?  A handful of years ago, we would have been out on the town and the boys with a babysitter.  A lot can change in a year or two.


When you are faced with loss, you become grateful for the small things and you would do anything to recover what is no longer there.


So our fortune cookies are so incredibly apt tonight:


For me:  The strong person understands how to withstand substantial loss.


The loss over the last 2 years has definite made me stronger.  Perhaps longer than that – the losses notching up over the last 10, from babies to career, parents to marriage.


For him:  Your example will inspire others.


Faced with the loss of everything he held so dear, he has moved heaven and earth to regain it and rebuild it in a remarkable and truly inspirational way.



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