Lighting myself up again

In her book, Light is the New Black, Rebecca Campbell says to do what ‘lights you up’.  For me, that means going back to my ‘joy list’.  And after a morning that left me totally weirded out, out of sorts, imbalanced and living in the shadow of the dark, that is exactly what I needed to do.

A flat white in my favourite coffee shop, with my book, the first step out of the dark.

Catch ups and downloads with two of my oldest besties, virtually shopping and selfie sending with one and chatting health and turmeric lattes with the other. Laughter and love tempted me further out and I felt the light beginning to touch me.

Having my first accountability coaching session with a fellow student, a new friend. Talking with someone on the same wavelength, with the same interests, passions and uncannily similar backgrounds reminded me of my own light as I saw hers shining.

Stopping at the top of a hill to admire the incredible views in all directions and getting the car stuck in the mud.  I was standing in the light.

Living in the light, doing what ‘lights you up’, I believe is living your purpose, being your authentic self.  The steps I took out of my dark morning, took me back to that.  And I spent the afternoon doing one of activities on the top of my joy list – being a sideline Mum, cheering on my talented son and the rest of his top notch teammates!

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