The blue door & Jesus

I have been looking forward to today for a while. Today was Reiki day.


Today, I got to float off to my ‘zen garden’ and find and untangle the weeds, loosen the knots and free myself from ‘this world’ and tap in to another.  Today is the day I find out what my body, my aura, my energy is trying to tell me.  Through the medium of reiki, I finally get to see the images and messages and connect with my intuition.


As always, initially the images don’t make much sense.


AT first, this time, it is all quite dark.  A City, dark, sooty and hidden by dark clouds and shadows.  Bible scenes, the most prevalent, Jesus with Judas at the last supper.  A gingerbread house being broken to pieces. And a closed blue door taped with a cross for no entry.


An elephant.  Always.  My elephant at my heart, joined by a penguin and strangely, an octopus.


Perhaps the penguin was the turning point, signifying that things are not as serious as at first they look, because then the mood lifted.  The gingerbread house was being broken so that it could be eaten and the feeling surrounding it was one of joyfulness.  The last supper, was a family feast. And a universal presence arrived to suck away all the soot and dark from the city.


And when I look in to the meaning of the symbols, characters and stories playing around in the energy of my relaxed state, they parallel real life as it has been, as it is now and how my gut for the future feels.


The city and the clear skies represent the sense of community and belonging we feel in our new home, the freedom and hope that embodies us.  This is only confirmed with the gingerbread home, for eating gingerbread refers to the comforts of home, and we were feasting on ours!  We are in a happy place, settled, at peace.


The colour blue was omnipresent; in the skies, the door and also always a strong chakra for me as it represents communication.  This blue only reinforces my optimism for the future and my clarity of mind.  I have made my decisions.  I have made my choice.  I have made my bed, my home and found a career direction and path I am both passionate and excited about.  Blue.  Always been my favourite colour.


And so to Jesus, the last supper.  I had focused on Judas, worrying that betrayal in whatever form would reappear in my life.  But the penguin was right – I was wrong to jump to conclusions, that I needed to change my area of focus.  For it is Jesus and the feast that is the intuitive message I take from this.


To see Jesus is a good thing, whether you are a believer in the Christian faith or not, for he foretells that your greatest desires and dreams will be realised.  His image serves to strengthen resolve in times of adversity so you can rise above any situation and be victorious.  Regardless of my belief in faith, I see this strongly as a belief in myself.  I have accomplished so much in this last year, one dream, a family united, stronger through love and miracles, why not all my other dreams?


And to dine with others signifies acceptance.  And perhaps this period of peace we have entered is the sign that we have accepted what has happened, accepted what is and what will be.


It also signifies that experiences should be shared.  Although, some would and continue to fiercely disagree.


And this leads to the blue door.  The locked door, entry barred by tape.  The blue of communication; tape trying to silence me.  The door signifying someone blocking my progress.


I am not sure that is what my intuition is telling me, for my intuition and my gut already tells me to cut down the tape and smash through the door!  I am not one for quiet or secrets.


The door was specifically a front door and when I research that, a front door indicates that I am shielding myself from the influences of the outside world.  Now that makes more sense.


With my elephant in my heart keeping me strong and the Octopus reminding me that my judgement should not be clouded by the thoughts of others, I know that is a door that I am going to open and walk proudly, confidently through.


Thanks be to the symbol of Jesus!


blue door 2




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