healthy soul…. unhealthy body

As I have sat wrapped in my duvet, drinking green juices and colourful smoothies to nurse myself back to health, I have been learning about ‘Primary Food’ and how to nourish not just your body but your soul.

I have never really thought of it that way before.  I just saw food as food and fuel for your body, enabling you to do what you want to do physically.  And I would always become frustrated when I would get sick or poorly, especially when I ate all the right things and had a balance with exercise and play.

In the last month, I felt so good!  Energised, my joy returned, out of the storm and life was good.  From my lessons today, I realised I had been through a period of time when my ‘Primary Foods’ were all reaching good and even perhaps optimal levels.

My overwhelming loneliness of the summer had gone with the return of routine and making new friends. The work we have done on our marriage improving all aspects of our family and love life, all now filling the first and most important of the primary foods that nourish the soul – relationships, connection and belonging.

Until a few days ago, my body injury free and a good balance of activity, exercise and rest and relaxation days had been prioritised in to my weekly diary, so that’s the second of the body’s requirements for optimal health.

The decision to go back to school and retrain as a holistic Health Coach put the biggest tick next to the one primary food that had been missing for quite a while, fulfilment and purpose and finding a passionate community of people to learn and grow with.

And the final source of soul nourishment and provision, I have been consistent for a while now with a spiritual practice that is probably unique to myself; a blend of Christian community and tradition mixed with gratitude, meditation and belief in the power of the Universe and synchronicity.

Secondary food is then all about the nutrients you put in your body, often affected by the Primary foods; overworked, over stretched and you grab the highly processed fast food;  depressed and lonely, eat a family size of dairy milk to yourself.

And as I sit here in my lovely arm chair digesting all this information, I wonder if I have been so busy sorting out my Primary Food situation, I have not taken on enough of the Secondary?  I have been recently getting to the end of the day realising I haven’t really eaten that much since my 6.45am oats, grabbing a few nuts and blueberries and then making supper.

So yes – my body is clever.  It has made me sit down today, in the snug next to the kitchen and slow down so that I recognise this error of my ways and eat the healthy contents of my fridge while I appreciate my healthy soul.

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