Messages all around

The messages are coming thick and fast.


Clearly, I wasn’t listening to the messages from my body to slow down…  A calf injury not enough to stop me, so it has decided to force me with my most hated illness, the common cold, with daggers in my eardrums and razors in my throat.  I hear you now, diary cleared and I like an animal, I will take myself to bed for rest, sleep to heal.  What’s the point in pills when all it does is mask what is really needed?  And perhaps, I am even grateful for my common cold, a sign that the adrenalin is leaving my body, allowing me to relax, and not be on constant high alert.  The adrenalin that spiked 11 months ago to get me through the storms, gone, just like that left behind in the dark clouds, no longer needed.


And perhaps the magic of the Universe is at play also here; making me take some time out as it has exciting subchapters and experiences coming up.  For when I ask the question “am I on the right path?” meaning “have I made the right choices with our house, our development projects, our move, new school, our life, my relationships, my health coaching, my love of writing….all the recent changes and decisions made?”  The little messages catch my attention, guide me, inspire me, bring me peace or just a smile.


One from a little box at the reception desk that answered,  “You along with the Sun, Earth, Mood and stars at part of one creation, a diving mystery unfolding each moment.  Be present and feel the power of now.  Be in the moment and witness the wonder of it all.”


Another from my new deck of Gabi B’s Universe cards, “The moment I realign with love, clear direction is presented to me.”


But my favourite came from a lady sat opposite me on a beautiful wooden polished table in the shape of an accord, and while I didn’t get the pleasure of speaking to her directly, her t-shirt spoke to me loud and clear with the words, “With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?”


Who in deed?   I think I might get that one framed.


oscar wilde 21

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