Apples, whistles and greensticks

I have been reading lately about the gut healing and immunity boosting properties of apple cider vinegar (not the cheap stuff, but the good fermented organic stuff).  Given the abundance and bounty of beautiful of apples we seem to be growing in our garden this Autumn, I decided I should make my own.  And today was the day, while I am in rest and recover mode.

But as I was carrying a tower of fermenting jars and the final bits and bobs needed for a school camping trip, I got the call.

The call I always dread.  Ones that come during games or playtime the most.  The school number and the words, ‘It’s Matron.’

The question then that ran through my mind was whether or not to run across the road, with my fermenting jars, and get the whistle before running the couple of miles home to get into the car and take my broken man to hospital.  Would he be more mad at me taking longer to get to him, or if I hadn’t got him a whistle?

Either way, my apple cider vinegar will have to wait.  A greenstick fracture needed attention.

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