A message on a notebook

The message on one of my Christmas presents this past year was ‘We believe in you, love Bird & Lyra” and the present was the perfect purple book with silver writing embossed saying “Believe you can”.

In the dark haze of my festivities, I packed the book away carefully in its tissue paper, at the time not really knowing how on earth or what on earth there was in me that they believed in.  The same carefully wrapped book was put lovingly on a shelf, then in a removal box, in turn put in a dark basement cupboard.

And today, it saw the light of day again.  And the message from my sister and niece was cheering me on.

On my mirror list of things that bring me joy (for if you do what brings you joy, you bring joys to others), other than family, I list how much I love researching in to health, mind, spirituality and nutrition.  And today, I listened to my new teacher explain the definition of health, how it originated from the word meaning ‘whole, sound, well.’  That true health is the complete package, when you have physical, mental and social wellbeing and not just the absence of disease.

Bird & Lyra cheering me on, they believed in me, and I have now found something that makes me believe in me again.  I have taken those first small steps in the direction of doing something that I am passionate about, that I love learning about and want to help others with.

Today I took my first lessons at ‘medical school’, a school with a focus less on disease management and more on health promotion.

Now that’s what sets me alight!

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