A Mumuration of birds..

Back in early June, while our new chapter was still a ‘straw man’ plan, intentions and wishes put out to the Universe, I remember writing about origami cranes that had been present in a Reiki session.  I remembered them today because I was transfixed by a beautiful screen print called ‘A Mumuration of paper birds’ that tickled my fancy and tugged at my memory heart strings.  And it has been imprinted on my mind since leaving the Cathedral and been playing around in the edges of my consciousness  since.

Back in June I wrote:

“Flying birds symbolise hopes and dreams, a sunny outlook and freedom.  But the crane, the crane signifies happiness and maternal love.  And cranes, many cranes made of paper set free into the sky are a symbols of wishes coming true, of hope, and healing in dark times.”

AT the time, those words, those cranes gave me the hope that my wishes and dreams would come true and that I would, in time, heal.

Today, those cranes in flight, in the subtle blues, greens, golds and hints of pink hyptnotised me with a sense of peace and calm.  And re-reading and reflecting on my earlier words, that calm is from the paper cranes realizing their symbolism; the maternal love contributing to the happiness I feel and their flight in to the light reminding me of my current path in to the exciting beam of the future, the warmth healing the wounds and my wishes all now coming true.

Their flight of freedom mirroring my flight of freedom;  my own mumuration, the same, but forever changing shape, letting go and bringing in,  creating patterns and new shapes in the subtle twilight glow.








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