Today was all about mothering.  Myself.  And 2 very tired boys.

My body gave me very clear instructions yesterday I needed to slow down; while out for an early run with the dog and the Big Man, on my second sprint my left leg seized up and I hobbled home, angry with myself and frustrated.  Perhaps in my determination to get back shape after injury, 5 times a week of HIIT was too much….. perhaps.

Another very clear message, the first one I saw as I opened instagram, gave me permission to mother myself, rather than fly around supermarkets and DIY shops, running errands.  It’s been a while.  A while since I have snuck back under the covers during the day….  A beautiful meditation lulling me up in to a levitating place.. Thank you Karen – I needed that.

And my boys…. Their first exeat weekend after a full, full, full on first few weeks.  They needed mothering and loving, hugging and smothering with love and affection.

I remember my first exeat weekend; in the distance I could only see my sloping shouldered Dad and headed for him;  only to be swept up in a cloud of Fendi perfume, arms, warmth, loving whispers and showers of kisses .. my Mumbo.  So, in deference to her, I wrapped myself in one of her vintage tweed jackets today and while it is ‘uncool’ to show affection in the boys’ quad, they got it as soon as we were private.

And thanks to mothering myself this morning, I was able to cook up a storm for a Friday kitchen supper and am well prepared for tomorrow’s guests too!

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