Even more lighting up!

There is always a moment when the line has to be drawn.

And as I focus on living in the transient moments throughout the day and put my intention into what creating what the future holds, I can feel that line beginning to follow behind me.  I can feel the clarity and brightness of what is to come and that blinds me from the past.

There will be times when the light dims and the speed of the line being drawn slows, but I am learning how to turn the switch and speed back up.

When the light of the future was still a flicker, I wrote down what brought me joy and I have kept that list by my mirror.  I read it daily in the morning for intentional purpose for the day ahead;  I consider a good day to be one where I tick off one of those intentions.  These days, I am ticking off many more than one and that joy, that brightness, that light expands inside and I can feel the seed of confidence begin to grow.

I believe we all have to plant our own seeds; of confidence, of intention, of love, of peace.  And I believe that those seeds grow with nurture and attention from both ourselves but also from those we love.  For some reason, that seems to supercharge the growth.

I recognise that both in myself and for others.  And as Newton’s third law states:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

To give that nurture and attention, you should be open and willing to receiving the same.  And vice versa.  How many seeds would then grow strong and tall?  How much light and energy would there be to light up the world?

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