My ‘light’ soul comes calling

As I was driving around North Yorkshire running my usual Monday morning errands, I re-started listening to a book I started about 6 months ago.  “Light is the new Black” by Rebecca Campbell.  And I know now that I am ready to hear her teachings, because her strange accent no longer grates on me and her consistent message at the end of each chapter “work your light” didn’t make me want to scream.


And the chapter I restarted on was clearly the focus I needed to hear today.


Leap into yourself.  You are ready.  You know the next step….” 


And I do.  And I have.  And I have received my first response back and I am itching to take the next step and the next step after that.


I am self aware enough to know that with each leap, there is a hesitation, a thrill of fear.  And my hesitation comes from my old self, the one who likes to know how it will all turn out, how everything with slot in to place, how and when it will end?


The big question then – does that really matter and does it really need to end?


Right now, my soul answers that question.  The soul ache that has been buried underneath so much emotional turmoil, heartache and anxiety is finally speaking out.  My soul is calling me and giving me courage to keep taking those little leaps forward, whispering in my ear, “Don’t die with your dream hidden under your pillow.”


And she is backed up by Rebecca – “work your light!”


rebecca campbell

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