Good to go!

In a day, or a morning when I just couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong (probably a mixture of tiredness and the hangover of receiving an unwanted text message during an evening with friends), I could see so clearly what was right.

The kitchen, terrace and dining room littered with empty bottles, glasses and the countertops piled with dirty dishes just meant it was a great night.

The rain drenched chair just meant we could sit outside for brunch, because it had stopped raining…

A front doorstep untidy with scattered muddy trainers signified an adventure in our new surroundings, along the river banks and through the fields.

The heavens opening gave me an excuse to watch the intro videos for my new course and cook up a Sunday roast for the family.

A different breakfast request and setting for each member of the family, doesn’t even phase me as everyone is fed and watered, washed and clean by 7pm and the table is laid (despite a table leg malfunction) and we are good to go for the week ahead!

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