There have been few evenings of late, when I felt huge waves of gratitude of an overwhelming nature.  Tonight as I kissed the soft downy warm necks of the boys, and held on to their strong, lean, wirey little bodys, I could have cried.

This Saturday, I go to bed a happier girl than the shamed, angry, hateful and hurt one of last week.  I go to bed after a peaceful, relaxed and fun evening with the friends who are true friends.

And because I have decided to remember the lovely message of a good friend who felt my words would help a friend, so forwarded my blogs to share the messages of light and deleted the long, unnecessary, opinionated message of someone else who interrupted my Saturday evening and that could have thrown me into the darkness.

This 3rd chapter will be one of light, and be the realisation of the future that we dreamed of and painted a picture of, all those years ago, on the warm sand of a beach in the T&C.  The moment captured by an old, old camera and painted as a surprise and as wedding gift.  A painting kept to ourselves in our bedroom, now thrown in to the light for all to see, proudly displayed in our new dining room.

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