Well, no one died today.


Except me perhaps from self flagellation and mental bashing as I misjudged electric car charging, motorway traffic and school pick up times.


As I was stationary, bumper to bumper or watching the green bars of electricity creep painfully slowly fill, I just repeated that ‘Everyone was safe’…. A Mum being late never killed anyone.  But the story I played in my head, on a loop in between, was full of trauma and drama as I was late for the first day at their new school.


But as with all stories you tell yourself, they are just make believe and never true.  The boys were having far too good a time to notice I was late, had burgers and sausages and disappeared for another 10 minutes when I did arrive!


And all because I was being selfish and wanted a day with my friend, to chill and chop and chat, have my hair cut, be still.  Just for me.


I felt guilty being selfish, but right now, as the eggs for tea are cooking, the boys are curled up on the sofa and the Big Man and I breathe… no one died today, everyone is safe and I no longer feel selfish at all.   One day for me in return for 9 weeks full on taxi, cook, cleaner, washer-upper, unpacker, animal carer, child carer, husband pleaser, PA, EA, social organiser, confidante, coach, back tickler and general dogsbody…..


One day.  My day.  And everyone is still alive, including me!


my day





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