A subchapter of the new chapter starts tomorrow.    There is tension, hilarity, nerves and excitement all packed in to one final evening.


The bags are all packed and by the front door, complete with innumerable sets of shoes and sports kit, wellies and swimming towels.  The blazers are hanging on the backs of their doors and their shoes are neatly placed by their clothes.


I am sat naming the last few name tapes and the Big Man is out weed spraying the lawn.


We are just a normal, ordinary family and no one would ever know what we have been through to get here today. And in some ways that makes me feel partly resentful… partly uncomfortable….  But sitting with both those feelings, I also feel pride, a sense of a achievement for being able to recognise that and still be able to focus on the future.


There has been the same plot running through my mind, and the story that I tell myself.  I long to retire that story. I hope tomorrow and the new routines will help achieve that over the next coming months.


byron katie

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