Going back to basics

Today I went back to basics.  I revisited the book that first opened my mind and had me hooked on a lifetime of learning, the beginning of an understanding of spirituality, inner peace and the law of attraction.


The Secret.


Chapter one.


A refresher. A welcome one. But also, a reminder that this early teaching was probably one of the key lessons and practises that has helped me through losing my Mumbo and losing faith in marriage, monogamy and true love.


Everything starts in your mind; with your thoughts.  Your thoughts are your magnet and how you attract circumstances, people and things to you based on the frequency that those thoughts emit.  Simply, good thoughts, high vibrational frequency attracting positivity;  bad thoughts, low vibrational frequency attracting all things negative.


Thoughts become things!”


One of the quotes in the book I struggled to quantify in the early days- how can that be? How can thoughts attract anything?  It’s just a thought.


But I rolled with it.


And I began to understand that the barometer of my magnet, the level of my ‘vibrational forcefield’ is my feelings.   And then I can understand the law of attraction a little easier. Who wants to be around, spend time with, do business with, love and cherish someone constantly or even consistently in a bad mood, in a bad place?  Without even thinking power of the universe, frequency or attraction, it just makes logical sense, based on my experience.


I know that historically, my negativity has often be born from a sense of lack, unfulfilment, fear often from a comparison of myself, circumstances, belongings to others or of loss of what I did have…my thoughts of wanting more, things to be different, finding myself frustrated.


Think more of what you want, not what you don’t want.”


The quote was my light bulb moment.  My arrow destined for the sky.  It is those words that I call on, when my barometer nose dives and I check in with my thoughts.  And I turn it around.  If that is what I don’t want, what do I want?


Right now, I struggle with my specific vision of the future. The story of my life that I wrote merely a year ago, no longer sitting comfortably in my soul.  With the exception of the first line…


I see myself waking up in a light, airy, white room with big open windows.  I am calm and relaxed, loved and in love.  I wake up smiling.

I have read that line for every morning since July last year and visualized it.  And now it feels real.  And true.


And when I was at the bottom of the ocean, or floating, or climbing, or hanging, my emotional barometer rang loudly, I meditated to clear my thoughts so that the only one I could see and feel, was the thought of living abundantly, with an abundance of wealth, health, joy and above all, love.


If my friend had never handed me the gift of personal development, which I scoffed at,at first and left on a shelf, I don’t believe I would be in that light airy, white room right now.




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