Today I bought roses called, ‘smiles’, ‘prosperity’, ‘abundance’ and ‘easy does it’.  I will plant them tomorrow, but I bought them today because that is how I felt!


Today, I spent the most part of the day alone.  Which in previous weeks has left me unsmiling.  But today, the peace in the house and gardens was welcomed after wonderful guests and fun times and I continued smiling, even at the silence.


Today, I had a glimpse of how life will be when the boys return to their new school, and I am left to my own devices.  Which in previous weeks had me fearful of alone, lacking in all departments. But today, I realised how much there is to do and not to do, in abundance.


And today, I found the time to learn and listen. Oh, how I have missed that.  Over the summer, I took a break from personal development books and podcasts and lost myself in fiction. Oh, how I have missed that.  And now I am ready to benefit from the healthy balance between the two.  The podcast I listened to today, as I set about my homemaking and tax-ing, was with Dr Shefali and ‘conscious parenting’ – when the student is ready, the lesson appears.  After a raging battle to clean teeth this morning, this is exactly what I needed to hear and feel armed with the tools to get through the rest of the summer.  Tool number 1…. ‘slooooooow down’ and ‘easy does it’.


Today, I did the things that have seemed to have dropped to the bottom of the priority pile – I meditated for only the third time in August.  I was surprised…  alarmed… and also delighted.  Meditation became my ‘crutch’, my go to place when emotions, past events and ugliness overwhelmed me, took me under the crashing waves and it returned me to the present moment.  Perhaps I no longer need the crutch and I am now prospering in it’s true sense – growing strong and flourishing!




(anyone needing parenting tools:


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