Thanks Intagram

Today, somehow, I stumbled on her Instagram account.  Which I thought I had blocked so I couldn’t see her, and she couldn’t see me.


As my intention earlier this week, to mirror the actions of my boys, and to promote confidence and self love of my reflection I have started a new Instagram account on the quiet, complimenting my look or even making fun of it.  It’s a tough old world out there, and in my head, being a Mum, wanting to keep up with the immaculate school mum’s or the seriously yoga honed forty-somethings.  So an Instagram account to remind myself, I am doing ok, I am dressing appropriately and even if I am not, that’s ok too.


Why Instagram thought I might like to follow her I don’t know. Was it cruel?  Or just for kicks? But curiosity killed the cat.


I only had 2 thoughts as I flicked through the images.


The first in response to all the beautiful beach photos – whose poor husband have you conned now into paying for your yoga retreats and travel addiction?


The second in response to a quote that read ‘Take a selfie, fake a life’ – but I have the countless selfies you took of yourself, in my house proving to yourself that you weren’t living a fake life…??


I did not like my bitchy brain.  But I did like the fact that it doesn’t look like she is anywhere in this hemisphere.


It was a tangle of thoughts, just like the weeds and unwanted, unsuspecting plants I pulled out and threw on the bonfire today.  They are gone.  They are no longer in my beds.


And neither is she.


And so I moved on.  I got on with my real life, the one I have created from the depths of despair, and created it from true spirituality, the ability to connect with love and belonging, despite everything.




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