OAP’s rule

From 8 to 80..  everyone loves a day at a theme park.


The only difference, the octogenarians knew the first ride was the best and left it there, happy to watch the young ones work out exactly the same for themselves; happy to enjoy the sunshine, the coffee and the smiles of others as they raced from one to the next, throwing their hands in the air, screaming with delight!


Sick was the word of the day.  I felt it from being the ‘accompanying adult’ on whatever rides the boys desired, even being the forerunner to ‘test it out’.  They said it on each swirl, spin, loop, drop and splash. The new word for ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’ or in my day ‘RAD’.


But the ‘sickest’ was the simplest and probably the oldest ride.  The swinging chairs.  It took them 5 hours to work out what Grandad and Edna knew right from the start.


Sick.  OAP's rule.

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