I am feeling better.  No more hardcore niggling.


Perhaps a glass or 2 of Montepulciano is the medicine and cure of niggles?


No.  I would hate to think that…   But perhaps being invited for kids tea with an old friend was….and the realisation that there are good friends close and newer ones on the horizon.


But maybe.  Maybe the lovely, warm, slightly spicy red helped see things in a newer light, or help me focus more on the moment and what we were doing and where we were and that overshadowed any deepseated niggles, for they were there this morning and bellowing like a siren at lunch time.


The rollercoaster continues.  But at least they are just an annoyance rather than the triggers that used to cause the feeling of a juggernaut to pass through my soul and heart and life.  Now that I am accustom to the speed and depth of the dips and lurches, I no longer shut my eyes to the world around me, but keep my eyes firmly on the beauty of the ride and my surroundings and I am able to keep awake, alive and thriving.  And cling on tight when it gets wild, recognising the discomfort until it passes.


up and down.jpg



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