Casting off!

And then there were 5….

As the big man jets home to a cool and rainy England, we have a few more days to savour the jewels of the Greek isles…. bobbing on a Tasmanian Devil for Willy, bombing off the side at any opportunity for Tom and for me to continue losing myself in fiction and all the while enjoying the rustic nature of the terrain, sea, hospitality and interesting characters we berth alongside each evening.

Tonight we chat to a couple who have sold up, bought a boat and are sailing for the summer months, to live life and savour every moment of it. At one point in the last 9 months, I did consider ditching our current life for a completely different one, a liberating one, a non-conformist one…. but perhaps, there isn't enough of a free spirit in me.

Severing ties with a lot of our 'old life' or 'our first marriage' felt enough and still does. Perhaps when I, we, feel more established more will be released, like the casting off of the shore lines, leaving just the anchor to hold us steady until we are ready to find a new bay to settle in. Right now, looking down from above the Mortimer ship looks stable, no longer threatened by storms and the adventure of the deep blue calm but unknown water surrounds us, enticing us to cast off.

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