Thorns… and roses

I read a beautiful quote today "do you rejoice that the thorn bushes have roses or complain that the rose bushes have thorns?"

Everything in life revolves around perspective. What do you see?

I have been so sad my Mumbo didn't see my boys grow up to be the handsome, blond bomb shells of gorgeousness that they are… she may have become a painful thorn in my side but i have chosen to see that as a reminder that the boys still have 3 grandparents, 4 really with the wonderful addition of Grannie Edna, to witness their wonderfulness.

And also for the boys to benefit from their wonderfulness too!

My legendary Dad always has gifts for the boys that tell a story of their roots, their history from pens and paper, medals, photos and treasures, the most precious of which is his time and attention, and the example of generosity.

And today, this week, as so many that have preceded, more generosity from the 2 grandparents they are so lucky to see so frequently. They have the time and patience to teach them important skills, today's were contribution to family life (washing up), tying bowline knots, and dancing on the tables like you just don't care to 'hey Macarena and sex bomb'!!!

Roses and thorns grow on the same branches, both contribute to the greater good, if that's the way you choose to see it.

And thorns ultimately protect the rose.

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