We all remember the first time and in the majority of smart people, the last time, we get sunstroke. Mine was at my first year at boarding school and the weekend we asked all parents to join us for the summer fayre. It was an Incredibly hot day and I was on 'splat the rat' duty. I was wearing a pink flowery skirt, an oversized black 'phantom of the opera' t-shirt and my trademark red Alice band of the time; fashion was of no interest to me at the young age of 10. I learnt my lesson that day – never wear black on a hot day and that I do not function or respond well in prolonged periods of heat.

My least favourite part of today, the early hours, was seeing Tom suffer from spending all day in the sun, dangling from the back of boat in a rubber ring. A quick shout of an alarmed 'mummy!!!' And I spent a while stroking his back and covering him in cold flannels. Fortunately I am ok with sick… spending several months of cleaning up projectile vomit from undiagnosed coeliac disease for willy prepared me. 12 hours later, multiple bodily expulsions and he was back on the rubber ring…. but with cap and t-shirt and for a short while, taking himself off to lie in the shade. I hope he has learnt a valuable lesson.

After the vomit, my favourite part of the day, is a close call: in 3rd place, taking the dinghy to explore caves and the cool waters, 2nd place watching the mortimer crew drop anchor and securing a shore line to the most beautiful secret cove walled by dramatically by cathedral striations in the rock face.

But my top rated, most favourite part of the day was beaching the dinghy on a creamy pebble shale beach and watching my family, beaming and tripping into the cool waves. With no Camera, it was a memory to treasure and imprint on my mind, the white smooth sugared almond pebbles, the pale turquoise softening to deep royal blues of the sea and heads bobbing as the boys shout in unison 'big wave'!!!!

Last night we ate chez Stavros and tonight chez George. Last night we had neighbours from Israel and tonight from New Zealand.

Life brings lessons and experiences and that is the best educAtion for ourselves and the generations to come.

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