Banning mirrors

Tonight, after 2 days in a bikini, I am wondering where this unsightly, soft squidgy, lumpy layer all over my body has come from. Has it arrived because I am well established into my 40's and now just part of the female ageing process …. or 4 months off exercise and healthy living, my refound love of cheese, wine and bread probably not helping….

Perhaps I will never get back my stick thin, highly toxic body of 20's or my athletic lean body from strict diet and disciplined exercise, bordering on unhealthy obsessive years of my post baby body of my late 30's… It only bothers me when I see it in photos or in a mirror or when I try once loose clothing, now tight, because I am quite happy really….

How can you not be happy sailing?

My morning, pre breakfast stretching and pilates, with my little sidekick on the deck and a swim ashore to raise my heart rate and wake me up… sleeping on a boat is intermittent with the splooshing and slapping of the waves against the hull by my head, the jangling of the ropes and boom…the early risers and callers, washing the decks, footling with lockers and 'wotnots'… and Tinkler's off the side.

My days, reading, jumping in the clear seas, watching the islands wash past and laughing as the boys dangle on a floating line.

My evenings, loving reliving my youth, waiting in lines, showering in communal, cold jets, flip flops and speed mandatory: eating delicious fresh sardines, cheese and more cheese accompanied by carafes of local wine with ice.

Does it really matter what the outside looks like, when the inside feels good?

Perhaps I will just ban mirrors and live in my 'one size' dresses! At least while I am in Greece anyway…

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