The connection waltz

There were so many beautiful memories from today, dancing a waltz through and giving silver linings to some of the more sad ones.


As the Mortimer Senior siblings spent long overdue quality time together, cycling the Chiltern Hills, the Brooks sisters spent time together visiting the homes and the people of their childhood.


I hope I am an ounce of as good a godmother as mine.  As we catch up on my wellbeing and hers, I watch a master at work; just as she did when I was the same age, for the boys she made games and adventure out of everything from a cauldron of buttons, counting pots, finding spiders and faces in the never-ending garden, answering questions on the Australian bushfires, opening secret treasure boxes, but all the while, connecting with me, hearing me, letting me know she is ok;  holding hands over tea and cake in my favourite room from my childhood, full of curios and treasures, shrouded by flowers and colour and light.


From one room of my childhood to another, one where we used to sit and play cards and eat cherry jam sandwiches.  Like my memories, the colours of the room are faded and my aunt looks frail;  but the boys and their cousins brought light and laughter back, playing their own games of hide and seek and tig.


From one garden of my childhood to another, one my Mumbo designed and loved; roses and lilies in abundance, ornamental trees and grasses with a dry river bed running through it.  Each of us took handfuls of her ashes, her Johnnie, her daughters and her grandchildren, and sprinkled them with tenderness just as she used to tend her garden, giving life and love to each bloom and display.


The day reminded me of simple pleasures, of the importance of curiosity, friendship, family, adventure, but mostly about connection and the calm it brings.


Connection with those we love, while we still can and able.



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