This beautiful moment

It is that lovely part of the day, to me, when the white hot heat has gone from the sun and the breeze is cool.  I am sat high on my terrace, another of my favourite places, where the pink fragrant roses bend and twist through and around the railings.


As the sun dips, so does the intensity of my headache.   The origin, reason or source I don’t know…  perhaps the heat, perhaps the intensity of a new ‘body blast’ gym session in a closed window’ed room, perhaps the tantrums of my youngest, perhaps my list of endless things I want to accomplish in the house, but can’t quite get to… or perhaps the pile of laundry I need to do before we go on holiday this week, the multiple insurance claims I am chasing but getting no response, the John Lewis order I cancelled but keep receiving multiple items from, the fact Tom has broken my Grandad’s watch…


Maybe all of those things thrown in a boiling hot cauldron, which is already bubbling from the chaos of change in the last 2 weeks, worry and concern for those I love…. And the memories of ‘kinky boots’ that keep popping up to say ‘hello, forgotten me yet?’


As I sit in the breeze and type, rather than listen to my thoughts, I know a meditation that would help the tension, but I am also conscious, my mind is too busy.  So a mindfulness practice it is, becoming aware of my surroundings …..  and a soft smile greets my lips as I hear the boys in the garden, all 3.  Tom all grown up and mowing the fields to pay back the cost of repairs to my watch;  Willy flip flopping in my Converse as he waters the pots and plants to earn money for more nerf guns;  and the Big Man strimming the long grasses and cutting the grass between the rose beds.


And then all of a sudden the smell of BBQ … and time to eat!


Mindfulness brings me home again, to this beautiful place, in this beautiful moment.



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