The destination

I have previously found the phrase ‘enjoy the journey, not just the destination’ a good rule of thumb in achieving most things. However today, as we drove south, it was rather tricky to believe. 
Leaving our new home reluctantly and being bone tired, slightly hungover didn’t set us off in good stead. The Big Man slapping his face to stay awake did also not bode well after 60 miles. Multiple long sections of 50mph on the M1 and loose horses also added to a prolonged delay and intensified time on the iPads whipped up a frenzied, intense atmosphere so much so that we had to stop and line up in a lay-by and have words.
The destination was an oasis, a haven. Fresh air, cousins, sisters and friends… food, wine, laughter and excited preparation for the Mortimer sibling cycle… 
Today, the journey is best forgotten! 

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