How do you eat an elephant?

And so it begins.


How do you eat an elephant?


Not that I would refer to either our dream house or myself as an ‘elephant’… but the first bites of many have been taken.


After 4 months of being ‘off games’ due to injury and the advice of physio and doctors, I have gained a stone of pure lard and lost muscle.  Probably no bad thing given the dramatic weight loss of the end of last year.  But I am now mentally and physically, emotionally ready to get back and enjoy leading a more healthy, active lifestyle.  I have enjoyed the first 3 bites of this ‘elephant’ this week, even though not my beloved running (my ankle unable to flex or point)… I loved the feel of my heart rate soaring at spin, the ache of my muscles, the inability to walk downstairs without groaning, the result of my first weights in nearly 5 months and the tightening and locking of my core after pilates.


I am going to love eating the elephant!  The journey and the results.


I have a feeling the other elephant, however, will be rather a different story.  The first bite took the longest, was the most drawn out chew, tough and hard work.  We took the brave next step and took a second bite today.  This will be where our rollercoaster will continue as we face the red tape and politics of planning with a listed building.  But I will remind myself to see it as a fun challenge!  Especially when we find the right team; and that starts with a good architect, one we trust and who can see and share our excitement and vision.   As we wandered around and discussed the various projects with our first architect, beers in hand, the sheer size of this elephant felt more than slightly overwhelming.


But “how do you eat an elephant?”


One bite at a time.



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