The Universe knows best

How strange the way the Universe works.  How it always knows best.  And then let’s you know about it.


I am beyond exhausted, but less grumpy tonight, or at least the grump didn’t last as long tonight.  Seeing the boys passed out, draped over arm rests and slumped in corners, fast asleep in the car as I arrived home made me realise how desperately tired they were too.  That their quick tempers, emotional back chat and uncharacteristically rude behaviour that wears me down, was due to end of term excitement draining them of energy by the time I find them at the end of the school day.


Imagine if plans had worked out the way I had so desperately wanted them to and we had moved here in May.  A 2 hour round trip to school, twice a day for 5 weeks, 6 days a week… getting home after 7 on match days and club evenings….  We have done 2 days and I can’t feel my legs, I can’t fathom my thoughts as I look out of my window to the beautiful lawns and fields.  I so wanted to be here earlier but I am so glad the Universe knew best, leaving me just 4 days to show me how right she is.


The Universe knows best.  It works in mysterious ways.  And I could apply this to so many things in the past, connecting the dots backwards for any upset, made good.  It provides a sense of calm, knowing that for the future.  I will have plans, but know that if they are upset, it is a redirection and the key is to remain open to flexibility and trust, have faith that everything will work out for the greater good.



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