Dark to light

When I look back on today, there was so much fun, shrieks of laughter, giggles, pee in your pants moments as I sat all day in the hairdressing chair of my gorgeous friend and his clicketty, wizardy scissors… a new hair do for a new start, one of radical change,  lightheartedness, fun and one I love!


But as I sat in the same chair, my heart wept for the pain of another.  My heart so tender that it still feels what they are going through.


And so I sit here conflicted… I feel good.  I feel happy.  I feel at peace.  I feel safe.  I feel loved and in love.   But how dare I revel in my happiness when I know the plug has been pulled out of the bottom of their world?


Life is a balance.   Like my hair change, of dark to light, or light to dark.  While I am now in the lighter part of my life, I am now able to support those in the dark.



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