Sitting in the sun, watching the boys eat tea at the garden table, Willy said, “Mummy, I haven’t seen you laugh for ages.  In fact, I haven’t see you smile a big smile for a long time.  Are you still sad about Granny Brooks?”


Today, I did feel as the though the sails of my ship were hanging limp, weathered by the storms.  My mizzen, my mast, my waist and stays creaking and leaking after the intense prolonged stress. But I did think that I had been able to smile when I saw the pretty rainbows in the clouds and rain and I certainly laughed when I saw the scattering of diamonds stars in the dark sky.


Children are so perceptive.  And with crumpets and tea, kisses and cuddles, it is time to anchor this ship and have an early night, and count those rainbows and diamonds and bring the laughter back tomorrow.



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